Our Custom Pool Process

Let Us Help You Find Paradise. Our main goal is design and build a custom pool and outdoor space that allows you escape the stresses of life and lose yourself.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

Our job is to uncover exactly what you desire and construct your outdoor living area with our expertise. During the initial meeting, we will capture your dream, assess your construction site, discuss the many different options you have in shape, size, equipment, and features, and coordinate all of it to fit your budget.

Step 2 – Design Phase

Over the next two weeks, we will begin designing the blueprints of your luxurious living area. This professional service is all a part of the Atlantis service we offer to you.

Step 3 – Review Design Proposal

After the plans are drawn up, we like to take plenty of time to review them with you in person to help you capture the vision of the transformation that is about to take place.

Step 4 – Contract

After a 10% deposit and signed contract, you’ll be on your way toward diving deep into your own luxurious outdoor living area. You’ll receive a copy of the blueprints, we will apply for a building permit, and construction will be on its way.

Step 5 – Construction

Throughout the construction phase, which typically takes 6-12 weeks, your new outdoor living site will undergo a drastic transformation. Excavation will begin, followed by plumbing and steel rebar. There will be an inspection from the city or county, and then Steve will begin installation of the gunite or shotcrete. Tile will be installed, concrete poured, and pumps and filters set. Steve will take care of all of the details including an electrical or gas hookup for your grilling area and installation of the interior finish in your pool. After some last minute touches, you’ll be wading through the waters of your newfound paradise.

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